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17 Pcs Home Fitness Total Body Stretching Daily Yoga Band Tube Resistance Elastic Rubber Band

17 Pcs Home Fitness Total Body Stretching Daily Yoga Band Tube Resistance Elastic Rubber Band

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Our Resistance Bands have 5 levels by 5 colours that yellow 10lb, red 15lb, blue 20lb green 25 lb, black 30lb, you can choose it according to your love and fitness conditions.

Our fitness tubes have high quality and cheap price and fast shipping. If you need a rope to fitness, workout, yoga, expander muscle, training strength, it's a good choice to choose us. It's very easy to carry, you can use it at anytime and anywhere, Looking forward to cooperation with you!


  • Comprehensive Fitness Exercise
  • Pull Rope
  • Resistance Band/Pull rope
  • Black/Red/Blue/Green
  • Easy to carry
  • Suitable for various occasion
  • Fitness Resistance Band
  • Exercise Tube
  • Training Elastic Band
  • Drop Shipping / Wholesale

How Stretching With Yoga Band Works

Stretching, interestingly enough, is based on stretch tolerance-- not necessarily a lengthening of a muscle. People often think because it feels like a muscle is being lengthened, the muscle is getting longer; however, this is not the case! Muscles do not permanently lengthen from stretching, but instead, move into a more temporary range without signalling any pain -- enabled by the nervous system.

Therefore, stretch tolerance is the fundamental unit of stretching, as it is what allows us to move into ranges of motion without feeling any pain.

The nervous system’s main job is to keep the body safe and alive, so it responds whenever there is a reason to feel like it isn’t safe or life is being threatened. The especially tricky part of this response is that the nervous system errs very strongly towards being safe and there are many times it will restrict movement when there is nothing particularly unsafe about what is being done.

This is simply because the brain perceives it as unsafe. For this main reason, we cannot all do the splits. We haven’t been in that range of motion very often, if at all, and the brain, not knowing that doing the splits is a safe thing to do, deems it as unsafe.

What Areas the Band Works On

This Total Body Stretching Daily Routine Muscles Rubber Band targets the muscles of your hips, legs, chest, and back. You will be using a resistance band or tube, which will allow you to deepen your stretch and increase your flexibility.

The key to making this workout effective is to use just enough tension to deepen your stretch without going too far.

In order to get the right level of flexibility, you may need to adjust where you hold the band. If you don't have a band, you can also use a towel, although you won't get the elasticity that you will with a resistance band.



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