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Powerful and Effective Six Pack ABS Stimulator Muscle Toner Machine for Comfortable Use

Powerful and Effective Six Pack ABS Stimulator Muscle Toner Machine for Comfortable Use

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This Wireless Abdominal Exerciser Body Massager Training Device is made of high-quality Polyurethane material. It has good touch feeling and non-toxic. It is available in a size of 43x62 mm. It is an adjustable fit for any body frame. You will get the good shape of your body without moving a finger. It enhances your muscles with the automatic physical workout due to electronic devices available in it. With Advanced Technology, the physical exercise with this Body Shape Gain 6 Pack Abs Stimulator Device is never harmful to your body. It has a Battery Voltage of 1.5 V AAA x 2 EA. It has a frequency range of 1-100 Hz.




A gel is used in the manufacturing of Stimulator 6 pack Abs Muscle Trainer Machine for Abdominal Workout. We also provide Replacement gel for this Supportive Workout Muscle Toner Abs Stimulator for extra use.




It is available in a dimension of 43x62 mm and anyone can use it because of its adjustability and free size.


How to Use?


It is simple to use and attach it in your body parts like chest, arms, wrist. The supportive gel will help in your daily workout. It keeps you always fit and fulfill your dream of getting six-pack body shape with Wireless Electro Pad Muscle Toner, Weight Loss Portable Abs Stimulator Gym Trainer. This machine is aiming to muscle workout daily and tighten abdominal muscles including the 6-pack abs. The machine will close automatically after 12 minutes of training. You can continue your daily training 2 or 3 times every day correctly. Anyone can get a charming figure after 2 months.


Who Can Use?


This Portable Abdominal Exercise Muscle Toner Stimulator is easy to operate anywhere. You can use it at any time. You can wear it under your clothes and training muscle at work, reading, doing housework, watching movies, shopping or during a trip. Please follow the manual instructions and never attach them to your body when it is on.


Key Benefits


The unique design offers easy exercise for you and has premium gel pads that will low your weight and strengthen your body.

It is used to reduce weight, improve muscular movement, and shape the body in Six Pack Abs. It is used to load fat and make it lean easily. Powerful and Effective Six Pack ABS Stimulator Pack for Comfort Use generates an electromagnetic impulse to create a powerful and complete stimulation effect.


It provides Stimulator Tones and Strengthens Stomach Muscles. Buy today one and make your dream body fit and healthy. The Attractive ABS will make you sexiest and look healthier than previous body posture. It also has gel pads that reduce the unwanted obliques available inside the body. 



  • The Revolutionary Stimulator Construction features pre-positioned, premium gel pads that cover your abdominals, including your external obliques.
  • During your abdominal toning shape, The Ultimate Stimulator sends electromagnetic signals straight to nerves located beneath and around the gel pads.
  • This stimulation of the nerves extends to every single stomach muscle, triggering natural muscle contractions, and regenerates tissues to shape your body well. The result is all abdominal muscles that are worked at the same time for a total abs workout.
  • Training Recovery  
  • Physical Therapy and Rehab 
  • Maximum Strength Enhancement 
  • Muscle Recruitment and Motor Learning
  • Toning and Tightening All the Abdominal Muscles that make your body with Sexiest 6 Pack


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